A Dog’s Patience: An Excellent Teaching Tool for Children

The Heartwarming Patience of Dogs


This is a beautiful example of how patient and tolerant dogs can be, especially of “human puppies”. This Great Dane doesn’t appear to mind doubling as a paint brush, as long as the child is gentle and respectful — or as respectful as you can be while dunking nontoxic watercolor paint all over someone’s tail, anyway.

Dogs are very effective teachers

Interactions like these are great opportunities to teach respect, gentleness, boundaries and reciprocity, all the while encouraging inventiveness and play. The parent should remember to get out from behind the camera and participate! You’re fun to play with too!

And remember, not all dogs are this patient with kids. Grown-ups should act as a guide to both the child and the dog in case one party hasn’t fully developed the social skills to end this interaction politely.

Are your own dog(s) patient with children? If you have any touching stories or photos, please share them with the Doglando community!