Adding More Enrichment To Your Dog’s Life


Besides an adorable dog getting a great wake-up call, what does this video show? Enrichment!

What is enrichment?

Enrichment is any activity intended to improve the quality of life of an animal, to give them something new and pleasant to experience.

It can be a new smell, something to taste, a place to dig in, or a walk in the park. Does this look like the dog’s life is being enriched? This dog is certainly enjoying the surprise gift of food!

In nature, a dog would spend his or her days wandering around, looking for things, following smells, finding food, playing with other dogs, and so much more. When they live with humans, they don’t always have those same opportunities. A lot of dogs could use some enrichment!

How can YOU enrich your dog’s life?

You know we love making you think here at Doglando, so it’s question time: What simple things could you do to enrich your own dog’s life?

(Always be careful when interacting with a sleeping dog, and, of course, do not feed your dog nothing but cheese poofs… Everything in moderation!)