Dogs and Babies ‘Talking’ Together… It’s Enrichment!

Husky and Baby Having a “Conversation”


Wolves howl in order to communicate with one another. Chorus howls serve to locate other wolves, group the pack together, and defend territory from neighboring packs.

Dogs howl too, and for a lot of the same reasons!

Did you know this is enriching for the whole family?

This husky is participating in an experience that’s enriching for everyone involved: the dog, the baby, and the giggling owner.

The husky is responding to the baby’s noises, which are just enough like a howl to trigger the husky’s desire to howl along with his family.

The baby is learning how to communicate with the world by seeing how its noises cause the dog to respond

And, of course, the grown up is laughing their head off. Everybody wins!

Dogs don’t just howl in response to other dogs howling — they howl in response to sounds that resemble a howl, like humans howling, train whistles, sirens, and noises on TV.

What noises can make your dog howl? Bonus points if you want to share a video of your pup howling!