Enrichment: The Doglando Difference

What makes Doglando Different?

Doglando stands out as a Canine Enrichment Center. So what exactly is Enrichment?

The aim of University of Doglando, is to provide pet parents with a historical perspective of what dogs were bred to do, and their ability to form such close “working/collaborative and mutually respectful” relationships with humans throughout evolution. We want each dog to have a lifestyle that allows them to get practice with experiences that result in rich mental, emotional, physical and intuitive growth.

We’ve updated our previous blog posts on What is an Enrichment Center, adding an 8th Sphere of Enrichment: Physical Handling.

Check them out below, and better yet, put them into practice at home!

Share your experiments with us in the Comments below, or on the respective pages. We’re here to support you and guide you on this journey.