Happy Howl-idays from Doglando!

Safe Holiday Decorations for Pets

The holiday season is almost over, but we just had to share these fantastic photos from our holiday photoshoot… Happy Howl-idays and almost-2017, everybody!

While you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, with your two- and four-legged family, remember that some traditional decorations (like cooked chicken or turkey bones, poinsettias, old-fashioned metal tinsel, breakable Christmas ornaments, or Christmas lights) can be toxic or dangerous to your furry friends. Be sure to keep all that new, shiny stuff out of reach, especially of curious puppies who primarily explore the world using their mouths.

And, when you’re cleaning up the decorations, make sure you double-check for any stragglers!

An idea for next year: Pet-safe Christmas trees

Have you considered making a small, safe Christmas tree just for your pets? You could hang edible ornaments like spaghetti, marshmallows or hot dog slices on it and let them explore it in the backyard. There’s next year’s holiday photo!

Be safe, and have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!