Meet the Breed – Australian Shepherd

The non stop fun of the Australian Shepherd is one we know all too well! These versatile, rambunctious dogs are true working dogs, and almost always seem to be in motion.

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd isn’t from Australia, and isn’t listed as one of their native breeds. The name is based on a link to the Basque region of the Pyrenees mountains in Spain and France and their relation to the Basque Shepherd that DID come from Australia.  The Australian Shepherd as we know it today was built in the USA.

aussie3The coloring of the Aussie is spectacular! Blue, Blue Merle, Red and Red Merle are the ‘breed standard’ colors.

If you need a dog for your Ranch or herding livestock, this might be the dog for you! If you plan on attending Fly Ball, Agility, Dock Diving, Obedience Trials, Freestyle Dance, Rally, Teaching Tricks, FlyJoring, or Treibball … this might be the dog for you! If you’re looking for a dog to just hang out with you while you play video games all day… you might want to keep looking. Aussies are high-energy, high-motivation dogs, and will find their own things to do if they are not kept occupied.

What about the Nubbin’? Australian Shepherds are generally seen without tails! Many Australian Shepherds (like breeds such as Corgi, Doberman, and Great Danes) have their tails docked when they are 24-48 hours old. Originally, this was to keep the dogs’ tails from getting stepped on or broken as they darted between, over, and among the sheep they were herding.

Around 51% of Aussies are born with natural bob tails, the rest have their tails docked.*

How many nubbins do you see?