Meet the Breed – Golden Retriever

As the 3rd most popular breed of dog, it’s no wonder we have so many of these gorgeous dogs attending Enrichment!

This breed is well rounded, typically good with everyone and everything.

The Golden Retriever hails from Scotland, where there was much need for a dog to retrieve water fowl from land and water. The area they were hunting in was very marshy so they needed a dog who could also BE a duck! Strong and active, these dogs are all Sporting! Their characteristic ‘soft mouth’ was designed to hold the water fowl they were retrieving without leaving teeth marks in the bird.

Drake, Dillan, Jasmine, Oliver, and Sula! Diversity in color in Golden Retrievers

Not all that retrieves are gold! Golden Retrievers come in different shades depending on their type.

British Goldens are more muscular, and come in colors from gold to cream, but cannot be mahogany.

American Goldens are lankier, with darker golden coats.

Canadian Goldens are thinner, have darker coats and stand the tallest of the three types with males standing up to 61m at the withers.


Today, Golden Retrievers have a long list of careers: from performing Obedience and Hunting trials, to being Guide dogs, Service dogs and of course TV and movie stars.  (They also make great pets!)