Meet the Breed – Vizsla

The Hungarian sourced Vizsla is the smallest all around pointer-retriever breed. But don’t let their medium size fool you, these dogs are built to move.  They are high energy, but loving and very trainable.

The first written reference to this breed was found in Hungary, in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle in 1357.

Towards the end of WWII Vizslas started coming into America with returning troops who were impressed with the dogs’ drive and devotion. In November of 1960, Vizslas became the 115th breed recognized by the AKC.

Vizslas are recognized by that warm rust color of their coat, which AKC standards say should be short, dense and low lying with no undercoat.  Having no undercoat makes these dogs unsuitable to be kept outdoors in  inclement weather.  Their coat is also said to be ‘self cleaning’ and because of this they don’t have much of a ‘dog smell’.