Our Dogs Communicate With Us… Just Watch For the Signs

The Subtle Hints Animals Give Us


This video is a great example of a dog communicating with a human. Can you tell what this dog wants?

Dogs use a lot of body language to communicate with each other. These signals can be very fast and very subtle — you may not even see them until you re-run the video in slow motion. This dog’s large eyes and the closeup shot let you get a good look at exactly what it is looking at.

We have no way to know (short of asking the dog) if this dog is intentionally drawing the human’s eyes to the pizza, or just cannot keep its eyes off the pizza long enough to beg properly from the human. It may well be intentional — we know from research that dogs do look to their owners for help on problems they can’t solve by themselves… like getting that pizza!

Can you see other behaviors this dog is exhibiting which tell us it is interested in that pizza?

What do your dogs do when they want something? What does their body language look like? Watch them closely and you might be surprised by what you see!