The Entertaining Ways Animals Use Things in Their Environments


This awesome photo of a bulldog looking out through a too-small cat door demonstrates two things:

1) Make sure the environment you provide is suitable for your animal. If this door were intended for the dog’s use (it isn’t), it would not be suitable at all! Make sure bowls are the right size and height, water is always accessible (and fresh), beds are comfortable, dog doors are big enough, and any raised surfaces your pet is allowed to lie on (beds, sofas) are reachable safely.

2) Your pets will make surprising use of things in their environment which aren’t intended for them! This dog wasn’t supposed to use the cat door, but he is — and he’s probably experiencing some great smells through the open door. This is exciting and enriching for him (although the cat may have trouble getting through the door…)

Thinking about the items in your dog’s environment

Your dog’s environment is probably full of things that aren’t intended for their use, but that they still enjoy playing with!

Dogs can use cat toys (and vice versa, providing the size difference isn’t too huge), and, as you may have noticed, dogs and cats will snack on each other’s food as well (though it’s not safe to feed dogs cat food all the time!). Different animals can even use each other as entertainment — make sure everybody is enjoying it, though!

What unintended objects in your dog’s environment has it used as toys? Share your stories in the comments!