Have you ever heard of Treibball? (Pronounced like Try-Ball)

Not to worry, it’s a relatively new thing in the dog world.

We find ourselves with lots of herding dogs, but less sheep in need of herding. What’s the solution that is satisfying for our dogs and for us?


That’s where Treibball comes in! Treibball is basically herding without sheep. They use big rubber balls, like Yoga balls, and teach the dog to practice the same skills they would ordinarily use on sheep to herd these balls around.

You obviously must have a great relationship with your dog off leash, as you will need to send your dog away from you, guide him around these balls, stop him at a particular ball and have him bring that one back to you. Eventually your dog will be herding 8 balls in 10 minutes from the group to a ‘kiddie’ sized soccer ball goal using their head and shoulders.

And if you think this is a game just for our Herding dogs, you’d be mistaken! All dogs (who want to) can play this game!

For dogs who want to work, this could be a great outlet for them: constructive playtime, and a great relationship builder.

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