Tuesday Training Tidbits: Who’s Training Whom?

When you watch this video you might think, “These cats are well trained!”

But, let’s flip that assumption around… could it be that the cats have trained their human to produce food whenever they ring the bell?

The importance of cues when training an animal

There’s an important element missing from this behavior sequence… the cue!

The human is not telling the cats, “Okay, I want you to ring the bell now,” and then rewarding bell-ringing behavior. The human is simply rewarding the cats’ ringing of the bell whenever the cats want to ring it.

So, really think about it… who is actually being trained in this situation?

Alright Doglando blog readers, we know you probably know a thing or two about behavior! How could you introduce a cue to these cats so they only ring the bell when you want them to? Share your ideas in the comments and on Facebook!