Tuesday Training Tidbits: Dogs on the Bed When You Aren’t Home

Uh oh, there’s a dog on the bed!

This adorable video shows a dog enjoying the use of her owners’ bed (which she is normally not allowed on) while she is alone in the house.

This is a self-rewarding behavior: the dog is getting a lot of pleasure out of rolling around on the bed.

Also, because the owners are not home, there is no-one to discourage the dog from getting on the bed.

For this dog, the “getting on the bed” behavior results in a lot of pleasure, and no unpleasant consequences, so the behavior will not stop unless conditions change.

How would you stop your dog from getting on the bed?

If this were your dog, how could you change the conditions in this situation to maintain your preferred behavior of the dog not getting on the bed, even when you are not home?

And remember, there’s no “right” answer!

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