Watch These Puppies (Adorably!) Work Together


What the heck is going on here?!

These Doberman puppies are eating from a communal bowl (that raised bit in the middle is there to keep the food out of the center, by the sides where the puppies can get at it), and for some reason they all start moving in a circle. Does this brand of dog food turn puppies into champions at synchronized swimming?

A dog’s intrinsic desire to be cooperative

What you’re watching here is puppies trying to leave each other personal space while they eat. As they approach the bowl, one puppy approaches another too closely; the second pup moves away, and moves into a third pup’s personal space, and…you get this cool circling effect. It’s a very nice display of manners, too, as everyone simply moves out of each other’s way instead of fighting.

It’s also a great example of a dog’s intrinsic nature to be cooperative and collaborate when and where applicable. When all of the puppies work together everyone wins (and eats!).

However, it is generally kinder to feed dogs from separate dishes — it is not safe for dogs to bolt their food this fast, and everyone is generally less stressed if they don’t feel they are competing or need to defend their dinner!

You probably won’t be feeding your dogs from a communal bowl while they move in a circle this Thanksgiving, but will you be giving them any special treats?