Why You MUST Be Involved in Your Dog’s Training

‘Sarge’s Law’ could bring new rules for dog trainers in Hillsborough, entire state

This tragic incident powerfully demonstrates the need to be fully involved in your dog’s training. As the Sarge’s Law website suggests, prior to putting your dog into a training class or day care facility of any sort, you should:

  • Tour the facility.
  • Ask the staff questions about training methodology used.
  • View the trainers’ certifications (APDT and CCPDT are the two big accreditation organizations in dog training)
  • Call your local Animal Control, police department, and BBB to inquire about complaints.

You may also want to:

  • Ask to audit a class and see the trainer(s) in action.
  • Ask for professional references.
  • Ask for names of prior clients and contact those clients.
  • Research the facility online. Search for the facility’s name, then add words like “cruelty” or “fraud”. Check online review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

Treat your search for a dog day care like you would your search for a child’s day care. Besides you, that facility will be the second largest part of your dog’s social experience and education. Set your dog up for success.

The importance of dog and puppy training philosophies

When vetting potential trainers, you should also make sure their philosophies align with your own. If you believe that play is a vehicle for all learning (and it is!), then confirm that your potential trainer shares a similar belief that dogs need:
  • To be outdoors
  • Ample space
  • Plenty of consistency
Play will only occur when these things are present, because they foster a sense of safety. When your puppy feels safe, that’s when the playing and learning happen.

Training classes at the University of Doglando

The University of Doglando welcomes tours during normal operating hours. Owners are always welcome to come visit their dog(s) and view the grounds. We post live Facebook videos and photographs of the dogs and facilities, and are always available by phone or email for questions.

Prospective clients are welcome to view our training classes before signing up, too! Our Facebook page attests to many five-star reviews. Our owner, Teena Patel, is a CPDT and LLP.

Our primary focus at Doglando is the health and well-being of your dog. Yours should be too! Whether or not Sarge’s Law is passed and dog day cares and other facilities become subject to state regulation, it will always be important to do your research before choosing a facility for your pet. We are your partners in maintaining your pets’ well-being — be sure before you start that we will work well together!

Have you ever worked with a dog trainer before? What was the experience like? Share your stories in the comments!