Your Puppy Needs to Experience New Things… Like Sand!

How New Experiences Lead to an Enriched Life For Your Dog


This French bulldog has never seen sand before! Can you tell?

It is important to expose puppies — in a safe, happy, controlled manner — to as many new experiences as possible while they are still young and fearless. This young puppy, safe with its human “mom” as backup, looks delighted to be experiencing sand. It will remember this experience when it is older, and will apply it to new experiences it has later.

The importance of making new experiences pleasant for your puppy

If it remembers its first time on sand being pleasant, it will have a much more positive outlook towards its first time being on, say, tile, hard carpet, gravel, or asphalt. That’s because the puppy has experience with new substrates (ground materials) and remembers them pleasantly.


This doesn’t mean it will necessarily love being on something like gravel, but it will be less likely to be afraid when it finds something new under its feet, because it has had, and enjoyed, a related experience previously.

The University of Doglando prides itself on its program of enrichment — exposing its canine students in a safe, happy, and controlled manner, to a vast number of things they may encounter out there in the “real world” with their owners… including the sand!

This gives them a variety of pleasant past experiences upon which they may draw when faced with new challenges, and makes them more resilient companion dogs at Doglando, at home, and everywhere else.

Has your dog been to the beach? What did he or she think of sand?